Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Qubicle (Online Quiz Series of XIMB)

Xquizzite – The quizzing association of XIMB proudly presents The QubicleThe online quiz challenge. The first part of The Qubicle goes live on 22nd September 2009.This quiz challenge aims at bringing together, on the World Wide Web, the best quizzing talents of the country and beyond. In short this quiz series is open to all. The Qubicle will be a no holds barred quiz which will test the Q-Quotient of the best quizzing brains, irrespective of campus, organisation or profession.The Qubicle is a series of three online quizzes to be held from 22ndtill 24th September 2009. The quizzes will start at 10 PM every night and continue till 11 PM. The winner of each quiz will receive Rs 2000 cash and the runners up Rs 1000, apart from the certificates of course.
The detailed itinerary is as follows:
22 Sept - Biz Quiz
23 Sept - Sports and Entertainment Quiz
24 Sept - India Quiz
Rules and Regulations:
Registration is open for everyone.
Participants can play the quiz individually or in teams of two.
Questions will be uploaded at 10 PM sharp.
Answers to be sent by e-mail to by 11 PM.
Answers will be mailed to only those who attempt the quiz.
Detailed rules will be put up shortly.
Contacts:Swarup Kumar Kar, 9777686344 Udaya Satapathy, 9238305258
Cheers,Team Xquizzite
P.S: And to get you started here are some aperitifs
1. The secret recipe for which popular food product is kept in a safe in the city of Louisville in the United States ?
2. It does'nt matter what your second name is ,What matters is what you do with your first. - Karan Johar . 1972 - Rest is History. Which ad ?
1. Kentucky Fried Chicken; the recipe consists of eleven herbs and spices.
2. Timond Watches. Luxury watch brand 'Timond' has director Karan Johar as its worldwidebrand ambassador

Sunday, August 10, 2008

TATA CRUCIBLES-Corporate Edition(9th August,HYDERABAD ROUND)


hello all,

had gone to participate in the quiz and since I belong to TCS now...the battle was relatively easier as I participated in the TATA-track.

Pickbrain stuck to his usual tactics his usual pattern of Prelims and Finals atleast as long as the Tata track is concerned.

There was a common Prelims for both the tracks.


1.Shapporjee Pallonji has a VIP account with which cement company?

ans- ACC

2.Omaxe India has launched a fitness initiative featuring which sportsperson?

ans-Leander Paes.

3.Print-Ad--(a lady posing and saying some times I want to have it for 5-6 times a day)


4.Which apparell company recently adopted a tagline "Good Looking Rascal"

ans--John Miller.

5.Wihch Indian company recently launched a key-board which has a support for regional languages?


6.Which business group recently opened a World knowledge and research center based in Mumbai?

ans--Hinduja Group.

7.Which US president used to work as a model for magazines like 'Living' and 'Cosmopolitan'?

ans--Gerald Ford.

8.Which was the first Indian movie of which Singapore Airlines bought rights to broadcast it in the plane?
ans-- Sivaji the Boss.

9.RADS is a defence company belonging to which country?

10.SET ALIVE is the new horse in the stable of which Indian Business Personality?

11.'Uday' and 'Kiran' are initiatives started by which global giant in India?

12.Logo of Walkman.

13.a question related to FANTA and its 4 imaginary mascots.

14.Full form of IPCC.

15.Established in 1895 this organisation was set up as a non-governmental non profit organisation.

16.'Better Pizza through quality and innovation"

17.a question related to a cosmetic company

18.GE,OSRAM,PHILIPS had controlled this product's sale....

ans--Electric Bulb.

19.Pic of Raghav Bahl from CNBC-TV18....a sponsor question mind it.

20.About whom did Sunday Times said This "brand" is Tom Cruise,Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood combined into one?

ans--Amitabh Bachchan.

21.A TV ad where a mother bathes her baby...
Johnson n Johnson baby soap.

22.A TV ad where an old-couple close windows..
Saint Gobain.

sorry guys...donot remember 3 more questions...



for the first time in the history of TC,all the 6 teams on stage were of TCS...kudos to TCS for that.
Yeah Ours was one of those 6 teams.

I m jotting down all the questions irrespective of which round they were asked.

1.History Of Honeywell.

2.Person known as "Jinnah of marketting"--Alyque Padamsee.

3.This was called roses of Prophet Mohammad...banned in Iraq---Danish pastries.

4.Whiskey named after a bird--famous Grouse.

5.VAIO full form--video Audio Integrated Operation.(we knew this but messed it up)

6.A question related to a service started by TAJ.(we just guessed it blindly).

7.A place near COORG is the headquarters of--TATA COFFEE.

8.Metal Junction--is a joint venture with which TATA arm--TATA STEEL.

9.World's first distillary located in Scotland--Glenlivet...Terrific crack by someone in the audience.

10.Rockport is owned by--ADIDAS.

11.Ritz Carlton is owned by--Mariott.

12.Bolt and some manufacturing company..better known as --Caterpillar.

13.Some question based on a recipe--Frito Lays.

14.A twin tailed siren is the logo of--Star Bucks.

15.We Sell Nivea---Beirsdorf.

16.A lady who took on WTO --Anita Roddick(body shop)

17.First Satellite Camera....Camera which was taken by the Apollo-11 crew and left there on the called 1st satellite camera.

18.Identify --Krishna Kumar...

19.Ad brought out by WWF.

20.Logo of-- Hi-Design.

21.Pic Of --NARESH GOYAL....another Sponsor Question....

22.Brand to start branding trains---Kurkure.

We won the quiz quite comfortably in the end having scored 60 points.

Note:- The Prize money for regional winners has increased to 75,000 and runners-up--35,000.


This was an amazing battle fought between the following teams:

Satyam Computers
Infosys Technologies
Google India
KMV Projects
Satyam Computers
Agro-Tech Foods.

1.Origin of Encyclopaedia britannica.

2.Pinu Modi described some one as "He is not wealthy.He pays most of his income in the form of taxes...."--JRD TATA.

3.Michael Porter's 5 Forces Strategy.

4.Patent Fights for--Finger Printing.

5.World Leader in O/P production--Hero Cycles.

6.Tata Tea's first Outlet--Chai n Chai.

7.India's first branded Cold-Rolled Steel--Steelenium.

8.Choice,Control,Convenience---Tata Sky.

9."Simply the Slimmest"--Titan Edge.

10.Famous Product Of Computational Research Laboratory-AKA.

Connect Questions:

11.Song of manthan,TribhuvanDas(business man),Map Of anand District,Saagar----AMUL.

12.Song Of Race,Mascot Of Mortein,------Reckit Benkisser.

13.Pic Of Cast AWAY,The Run Away Bride,Song Of Hat-Trick---FedEx.

14.Pic Of Ranbir Kapoor,Voltas,Punjab Agrotech Foods--PEPSI.

15.Pic Of SPICE telecom,Pic Of Chak De India,Video Of BLACK,L& T----Aditya Birla Group.

16.Krazzy-4 Song,NDTV,Mission Istanbul-------------INDIA TODAY GROUP.

17.Connect--Amstar,Pizza dispatch---dominoes.

18.Circular Notes---Traveller's Cheques.

A very creative round was introduced at this stage....

Logos of 4 companies were shown and a formula was given....apply the formula on the names of those companies and the result you get will also be a company/brand/person....and this round was on buzzer.

19.(Master Card,Vimal,Texaco,Verisign)-CITI.





Multiple Clues Round:

24.Martha Stewart.

25.Silvio Berlusconi.

26.Ramoji Rao....

The Quiz ended with GOOGLE India winning it hitting the buzzer on the very first clue on the last question...was a close finish.

Nishit Ganatra

Monday, May 26, 2008

Answers and Scores for QUIZ-5

Hello all,

12 replies to the quiz is fair enough....hope the number increases in times to come.I,on my part, shall also try to make the quiz as much interesting as possible.

The Answers are:

1.David Cook (the new American Idol)

2.JOCKEY is what I was looking for......many people missed on this.

3.JUNO is the connection.
Thankyou For Smoking is a movie directed by Jason Rietman...the same guy directed JUNO as well.
The pic on the Centre is that of Ellen Page,who played the role of Juno Macguff in the movie.
The pic on the right is that of JUNO,the Roman godess of marriages and queen of Gods.

kudos to Prithviraj & Neelu for cracking this one.

4.Fakir Mohan Senapati is the legend being talked about.

5.All three of them have taken hat-tricks in the onging Indian Premier league(IPL).

The Scores are as follows:(in the order in which I received them)

1.Subhendu Saha 2
2.Siddharth Misra 2
3.Patankar Pramod 3
4.Kamal Rathi 3
5.Nishant Nihar 2
6.Deepanshu Berry 1
7.Bharath 2
8.Niraj Narayan Bhatta 3
9.Prithviraj vasanth 4
10.Anubhav Chatterjee 1 (I havent given u points for the last question as IPL is sumthing I I was looking for...only hat-tricks won't do).
11.Neelu Tripathy 3
12.Ravishu Arora 2 (have given u points for David Sumthing).

will come up with my new set in a day or 2.Stay tuned.....and keep quizzing!!!!

Adieu and Cheers
Nishit Ganatra.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hello all,

I begin with apologies for being dormant(or call me de-funct) for last 5 months..Was actually caught by certain other things and couldnot give time to maintain my own quiz

Now that the college is over and I have thought of continuing with my quiz doses...I will be giving 3 days for each of my posts.Hope to receive your replies by that time....

so this post consists of 5 questions.The replies have to be sent to

before 26th May,2008.

Here I begin,


X was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Blue Springs, Missouri.His interest in music began early in life; he received his first guitar at the age of 2. He began singing in second grade, when his elementary school music teacher gave him a solo in a school choir performance. He proceeded to perform in virtually every Christmas and PTA program.He also participated in choir and drama programs in middle school and high school. At Blue Springs South High School, he performed in musicals, including The Music Man, West Side Story, and Singin' in the Rain.He had also been an avid baseball player during high school. After losing interest in sports, he focused more on music. He earned a theater scholarship to the University of Central Missouri, but he abandoned theater after two semesters, graduating from the school in 2006 with a degree in graphic design.While in college, he was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa.After his college graduation, he relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma to pursue his career in music, telling his family, "I just want to give myself until I'm 26 years old to get a job."

Whose early life is being talked about? (Think Recent,,very recent)


Identify the world renowned brand by its logo above.Believe me all of us know this brand.


Connect these to the world of entertainment.


X was born and brought up in the coastal town of Balasore. He grew up to be an administrator in ex-feudatory states. Enraged by the attempts of the Bengalis to marginalize even replace the Oriya language by Bengali, he took to creative writing rather late. Though he had translated from Sanskrit, wrote poetry, and attempted many forms of literature, he is now known primarily as the father of modern Oriya prose fiction. If either X or his progeny had preserved his short story, “Lachmania” which he had written in the late 1860s, and which was published in the journal Bodhadayini, edited by himself in Balasore, X would certainly been credited with having pioneered the genre in India. But as ill-luck would have it, except for a bare mention in his autobiography, the story cannot be traced, and thus his “Rebati” (1898) is widely recognized as the first Oriya short story. “Rebati” is the story of a young innocent girl whose desire for education is placed in the context of a conservative society in a backward Orissa village, which is hit by the killer epidemic cholera. His other stories are “Patent Medicine”., “Dak Munshi”,”Adharma Bitta” etc.Other than short stories ,X is also known for his novel Chha Maana Atha Guntha ,it is the first Indian novel to deal with the exploitations of landless peasants by the feudal Lord. It was written much before the October revolution of Russia or much before the emerging of Marxist ideas in India.

Who is X?

Ending with an easy one...Just connect these men.

Please send in your entries by 26th May,2008 to

Adieu and Cheers
Nishit Ganatra.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Hello all,

Wish all of you a joyous and a prosperous New Year!

Here are the questions of QUIZ-4.The replies have to be sent to
before 8th of January,11:00 pm.

1.The following forms the logo of which band? (Hint:- KISS-keep it simple and straight).
2.These are only 2 of their kind and are particularly dedicated to the people shown in one of the images.Just tell me the place(specific) where one encounters both the following.
3. From the world of sports:

The term ________is believed to have originated during a game at the Atlantic City Country Club in Northfield, NJ in either 1899 or 1903. It seems that one day, three golfers - William Poultney Smith, founding member of Pine Valley, his brother Ab Smith, and George Crump (who was later to build Pine Valley, about 45 miles away) - were playing together when Crump hit his second shot only inches from the cup on a par-four hole after his first shot had struck a bird in flight. Simultaneously, the Smith brothers exclaimed that Crump's shot was "a bird." Crump's short putt left him one under par for the hole, and from that day the three of them referred to such a score as a _______. In short order, the entire membership of the club began using the term and, since as a resort the club had a lot of out-of-town visitors, the expression spread and caught the fancy of all American golfers.

Which term is being referred to here?

4.Identify the book by its cover.

5.Connect the following:

Replies to be sent to before 8th January,11:00 pm.


Thursday, December 27, 2007


Hello People,
Back After The Christmas Holidays!!!!!
The Answers & Scores for QUIZ-3 are as follows:

1.Steve Wozniak.

2.The Connection is 'LUX'.
Paul Newman & SRK are the only male models to have endorsed for LUX which is universally marketted by UNILEVER.

3.Logo is of DEUTSCHE BANK.

4.The Connection is 'NEVERLAND'.
The scene of the play Peter Pan and Wendy, MJ's estates name and Metallica's song Enter Sandman mentions Never Never Land as the place where Sandman lives.

Scores:(In The Order Of Their Arrivals)

Rajeev Kondapalli-2
Kamal Rathi -4
Nishant Nihar -3
Vivek Acharya -4
Saket Ranjan -4
Manjit Mohanty -2
Santanu Dey -4
Anubhav Chatterjee-2
Anindip Dwari -4
Kedar Deshpande-3
Rajiv D'Silva -4
Patankar Pramod-4
Sir Charlemagne -2
Souvik Mandal -4
Rohan Sinha -2
Harish Shanthinikethanam -4
Arnab Bhattacharya -4
Ajitav Sahoo -3

Will Be Back With Another Set Soon......


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Hello People,

This is QUIZ-3 consisting of 4 questions(2 dry + 2 visual connects).
The replies to this quiz should be posted at by 26th December 12:00 midnight.

In 1973, X started a Dial-A-Joke line, which he says was the first in the San Francisco area, running it from his home. As he is Polish-American, he figured no one would object if he told Polish jokes, but legal threats from the Polish American Congress (P.A.C.) caused him to switch to Italian jokes for a while. He switched back only after the Polish American Congress sued Steve Allen for telling Polish jokes and lost.

He met his first wife by responding to a Dial-a-Joke call "live", as he often did for fun, saying, "I bet I can hang up faster than you" and then hanging up. She called back, they chatted, and he asked her out .

Who is this living legend?

2.Connect the following pic.

3.In July 1972, eight notable graphic artists were commissioned to create a new logo for X that would unmistakably represent the company. From a choice of several brand designs, X decided upon a symbol created by the now deceased painter and graphic artist from Stuttgart, Anton Stankowski.

This logo fulfils X's criteria:

With a simple yet striking form, the symbol has a high attention-provoking and recognition value.
The logo supports the identity of X: the “slash” stands for consistent growth and dynamic development, the square-shaped frame can be interpreted as a sign of security and a controlled environment. In a nutshell, the logo stands for consistent growth in a secured environment. It is striking, unmistakable and timeless.
It can be used in all media.

The logo can be clearly recognised when reduced in size and at great distances.

Name the company(X) whose logo has been described here.

4.Connect the following pic.

The Replies to the Quiz are to be posted at by 26th December,2007 (12:00 midnight).